The Apprentice

Yes I know that this is my second post in less than a day, but I feel that it is necessary to at least mention the apprentice today as it is the final. For anyone who doesn’t know, the apprentice is a British TV show in which Lord Alan Sugar looks for a new business partner by splitting sixteen candidates into two teams and competing head to head in a series of tasks to test their abilities in business (For more information and to watch some of the episodes, click here). After eleven weeks, only four candidates remain: Jim, Tom, Helen and Susan. I really want Tom to win because he is so different compared to the usual Apprentice stereotypes who are very harsh and will do nearly anything to win, even if it means becoming enemies with almost everyone. He is the only person on the apprentice that I have actually wanted to meet because of his attitude towards business. My least favourite candidate to win is definitely Susan because she is so annoying. Among a lot of other things, the thing that I hate the most about her is the way that whenever someone says that something she does is bad, she just replies that “this is so unfair!”

I’m really looking forward to this evening’s episode because we get to see everyone’s lies and exuberant comments on their CVs and I hope that some are as hilarious as last year’s Stuart “The Brand” Baggs, although I doubt that will happen.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this and please comment below to tell me who you want to (and who you would hate to) see getting hired.

UPDATE: :o Tom won! It’s a “win for the geeks and nerds of the world!”


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